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Appear in Northwest Ohio's only magic shop for the best in family entertainment. From fun novelty gifts to authentic magic supplies for professional illusions, our magic shop has everything a magician of any age needs to perform tricks ranging from slight of hand to major illusions. Call us at (567) 288-4931 or contact us to book a party magician for your next event.

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Become a Magician
Novice and amateur magicians come to us for magic lessons and learn these ancient secret skills from a magician that is in the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. Learn the craft of performing a magic show from opening trick to the big finale. These lessons are as much about presentation and showmanship as they are about illusions. Learn more about the magician that will be teaching you the art and skill of magic and prepare to be the Merlin among your friends.

Come to our classic magic shop in Toledo, Ohio, for classic illusions and magic trick accessories.

Member of: International Brotherhood of Magicians Local Ring 68
Society of American Magicians | Veterans of Foreign Wars
American Legion

Awarded the Order of Merlin by the International
Brotherhood of Magicians Local Ring 68